Friday, August 26, 2005

All good things...

My favorite use of that half of that saying was when they used it for the name of the final episode of ST-TNG. Perfectly succinct. Iím using it today to announce the end of Compass Directional Incís affiliation with Lukoil in Russia. Yep, you read it right, weíre packing our sawdust sacks and catching the next chopper outta here. Well, not the next chopper but weíre only doing one more well and then itís the next chopper. That should be about half-way through my next hitch towards the end of October. Then all that will be left is to pack this stuff up and ship it home.
What next? Home forever now? Not likely, sorry mom. The boss has already got some new work lined up and it will be unlikely that Iíll get much of a break. Where? Iím not at liberty to say...

Sunday, August 14, 2005

End of procrastination spells big changes for lame website

It finally happened, I retooled my webpage. I could put it off no longer and to celebrate I am making another empty promise about posting more frequently. I promise to post more frequently. The problem is that sometimes it's difficult to find interesting things to post when you're far from everything.

I turned down a fishing trip today because the wind is howling and there are 3m seas. (how's that?)

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